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Twitter 101

Welcome February 21, 2013

Hello Ecarib users in the past Twitter has been seen as just a way for young people to follow their favourite celebrities and find out what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner! However in recent times, the credibility of Twitter has greatly increased and it is being used as a tool by businesses to communicate with their customers.  Many businesses are being able to reach millions of Twitter followers and actually increase revenue and traffic. Today’s blog seeks to provide a step-by-step guide on how Twitter would be beneficial to Businesses.

  1. Twitter enables companies to engage in real time conversations with their customers. This could  help improve many of the marketing and branding campaigns of these companies.
  2. Twitter also allows many companies and small businesses to monitor their competitors and also find out what their followers and other potential customers are saying about them.
  3. Tweeting interesting posts and links can also drive traffic to your website which could result in more customers patronizing your store.
  4. Twitter is also an excellent way to improve customer service. By engaging in conversation with customers on Twitter businesses can respond quickly to any imminent issues and improve their public relations
  5. Twitter is the perfect platform to run special promotions and deals to attract customers to your business.
  6. Twitter can also be used as a medium for companies to engage in meaningful discussions on topics that interest their followers. This would in turn present the company in a favourable light with their followers and be seen as more than a faceless monopoly.

So there you have it a quick and painless guide on how Twitter can be beneficial to your company or small business. So get tweeting everyone!!!

Until next time Ecarib users!!!

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