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Tips for Starting Your Own Business

Welcome March 6, 2013

Tips to Starting Your Own Business

Hello once again Ecarib users!!! I am sure that we have all heard the term “economic crisis” and that we are experiencing an economic downturn; however despite these tough economic conditions persons are still finding the courage to start their own business. Statistics have shown for example, that in the UK the recession has not dampened the entrepreneurial spirit and close to around 400,000 new businesses have been created. It is no secret that entrepreneurship is the driving force in kick-starting the economy and it is therefore important entrepreneurship is encouraged.

However, not everyone can take the risk of starting their own business, but when you do the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Many companies have been formed during downturns and today’s blog will provide some essential tips for starting a successful business.

  • Hard work and Determination

As the saying goes “hard work pays off”,  and this holds true when it comes to starting your own business. Being determined and never giving up no matter what are the cornerstones to succeeding in anything you do.

  • Planning

Planning is essential when it comes to starting your own business. Having a well defined strategy and business plan are integral in achieving the targets set. Planning also gives you a clear idea of what you want to achieve and the steps that must be taken to achieve these goals.

  • Marketing

For any business, whether big or small marketing is key to getting your business known in the marketplace. Get to know your customers and get your brand out there. Thanks to social media and the internet, it is possible to directly reach consumers and gather feedback on your products and services.

  • Assertiveness

When starting a business you should not only be organized but also assertive. It is important to have all your proper business documentation as well as written agreements and the proper accounting practices. It is good to have a plan but executing that plan requires proper planning and a high level of assertiveness.

  • Evaluation

Evaluating your business constantly is very important in order to gauge how the business is performing and what problems need to be rectified. Constant evaluation is key to starting and running a successful business.

So there you have it Ecarib users, some essential tips for starting and running a successful business. I hope you find these tips useful and that they inspire you to start your own business. Until next time Ecarib users!!!

Twitter 101

Welcome February 21, 2013

Hello Ecarib users in the past Twitter has been seen as just a way for young people to follow their favourite celebrities and find out what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner! However in recent times, the credibility of Twitter has greatly increased and it is being used as a tool by businesses to communicate with their customers.  Many businesses are being able to reach millions of Twitter followers and actually increase revenue and traffic. Today’s blog seeks to provide a step-by-step guide on how Twitter would be beneficial to Businesses.

  1. Twitter enables companies to engage in real time conversations with their customers. This could  help improve many of the marketing and branding campaigns of these companies.
  2. Twitter also allows many companies and small businesses to monitor their competitors and also find out what their followers and other potential customers are saying about them.
  3. Tweeting interesting posts and links can also drive traffic to your website which could result in more customers patronizing your store.
  4. Twitter is also an excellent way to improve customer service. By engaging in conversation with customers on Twitter businesses can respond quickly to any imminent issues and improve their public relations
  5. Twitter is the perfect platform to run special promotions and deals to attract customers to your business.
  6. Twitter can also be used as a medium for companies to engage in meaningful discussions on topics that interest their followers. This would in turn present the company in a favourable light with their followers and be seen as more than a faceless monopoly.

So there you have it a quick and painless guide on how Twitter can be beneficial to your company or small business. So get tweeting everyone!!!

Until next time Ecarib users!!!

Don't Ignore Tablet Users!!

Welcome February 20, 2013

Hello once again Ecarib users!! It’s been a while since our last blog post and I was racking my brain on what to write, when I came across some very interesting statistics. There are approximately 56 million tablet users in the United States alone (http.techcrunch.com) which is currently just under a quarter of American all internet users which is about 239 million (www.internetworldstats.com/am/us.thm)!

Tablet sales have also skyrocketed in the Caribbean with everyone from adults to toddlers having access to either  an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet. So what does this mean for your small business or company? First of all, tablet users transcend the gender barrier with slightly more women than men using them. Also the age demographics are very interesting because the average age of tablet users are between 25-44 years with an average income of over $75,000 per annum. This demographic is highly valuable because these users have the largest disposable income and this could translate into business for several retailers.

The way in which people use tablets can also be beneficial to businesses. Many individuals use their tablets for recreational purposes such as before they go to bed, in waiting rooms or simply just during their down time. So being able to attract these persons at this point in time and capitalize on consumers using their tablets to shop online would be beneficial for companies and small businesses. But how do we attract these tablet users?

How to attract Tablet Users

Well first of all, you must make sure that your website is tablet friendly. This means that it is important that your web site can display correctly and attractively the devices.  The constant zooming and resizing would frustrate consumers and drive them away from the site. An investment into creating a mobile version of the site would be the preferred choice, however an alternative can be that during the initial web design one can make sure that the current site is legible on a smaller display and CSS options can be adapted to ensure that the web site functions properly on a variety of tablet sizes and shapes.

Publish and App

Another option to  attract tablet users would be to publish an “App”. Not just an “App” that simply displays your webpage but a user-friendly App that adds value to your service. An App that offers an incentive or that describes your products and services can draw consumers to your website.

So I hope that today’s blogs was useful and would encourage  small businesses and companies to think about how to attract  these highly-connected, high-income consumers, and no longer ignore tablet users.

Until Next Time Ecarib Users!!!


US puts an end to unlocking phones

Welcome January 26, 2013

Hello Ecarib users this one is going to be short and sweet. I’m sure that most of you have heard or read in the news that Smartphone users in the US will now have to seek permission to “unlock” these devices to enable them to run on more than one network. Most of us have purchased a phone in the US at some time and either got it unlocked there or at home.

However it is still unsure as to what has sparked this change in the law and there is currently a petition with over 3,500 people on the White House website. Prior to this change, users were charged a small fee from operators to unlock their phones. However, users could also purchase an unlocked phone straight from the manufacturers but at a much higher cost.

Interestingly enough, it is still unclear as to what action will be taken against consumers who flout this new law and unlock phones without the necessary permission. Also, whether this change will have an effect on phone operators such as Verizon and AT&T and other online services is still yet to be seen.  Tell us what you think Ecarib users.

Until next time Ecarib users!!!

Bye Bye Messenger, Hello Skype!

Welcome January 10, 2013

Hello once again Ecarib users!! Well I’m not sure if you all have heard but Microsoft has officially announced that come March 15 all Windows Live users will be switched to Skype. Perhaps the software giant’s $8.5 billion acquisition of Microsoft was what prompted this huge change. According to Microsoft, “until March 15, Messenger will continue to work as you know it today, but after that date, users won’t be able to sign in, and will be prompted to switch to Skype”.

Recently a new feature of messenger was that users were able to use Skype to talk to contacts. According to Skype President Tony Bates, the relationship between Skype and Messenger came about as a result as of the company’s release of Skype 6.0 for Mac and Windows, where users were given the option to sign into their Skype accounts using their Windows Live ID.

Though this merger would make sense when it comes to dollars and cents, I wonder if it makes much of difference to Messenger users. For me, I haven’t signed into to my Windows Live account for what seems like ages. With Facebook, Twitter and even Google+, do people still use Windows Live? And with Blackberry Messenger and WhatsApp are we still communicating via Messenger?

Let me know if you still use Windows Live messenger and what do you think about the integration with Skype?  Leave us your comments.

Until next time Ecarib users!!!

Top Social Trends for 2013

Welcome January 7, 2013

Hello once again Ecarib users!! Today’s blog will focus on an interesting article I read about the Top Social Trends for 2013. As we move into the New Year, businesses are thinking of innovative ways to boost their sales and also attract new customers. In 2012 we continued to see the domination of Facebook, the evolution of the mobile social web and the continued popularity of smart phones and how they have changed every facet of our lives.

According to a very interesting and informative article written by blogger extraordinaire and consultant Jeff Bullas there are 6 social trends that we should all pay attention to in 2013. He does make mention of  the usual suspects like Facebook and Twitter, but he also gives greater insight into how some of these social trends can actual benefit businesses. I have tailored these trends slightly and bring to you the following:

Social Trend #1: Social Content is very important

According to  Bullas, social content is fundamentally important when it comes to social media marketing. Put in a simpler way, content is basically your web presence. So the content a business places on their social media sites needs to be attractive enough to draw customers.  Remember content is what gets you noticed on the internet and what gets people interested in your business!

Social Trend #2: Twitter-mania

Aside from the popularity of Facebook, Twitter has also become another huge player in the social media game. What started as a youth following has also captured the interest of several big companies. It is now possible to follow your favourite brands or companies on Twitter but it also allows consumers to be heard and be a part of the conversation. According to Bullas, “You cannot ignore Twitter anymore in 2013”.

Social Trend #3: Facebook, facebook, facebook!!

Facebook continues to be King when it comes to social media. However,  businesses in 2013 will need to go beyond simply get “likes” on their facebook page. With mobile advertising becoming more prevalent businesses will need to be smarter in growing their fans and finding innovative ways to translate facebook “likes” into actual dollars.

Social Trend #4: Pay attention to the Visual

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is so true when it comes to social media. Pinterest may be new to some of us but to others it has taken the social media world by storm. According to Jeff Bullas, “Pinterest in some cases surpasses Facebook as a social media platform that creates real revenue and hard cash”. So it is very important that before you create your website pay attention to the visual content and images that you plan use.

Social Trend #5: Mobile Media

With the influence of smart phones and tablets it is important that businesses consider creating a website that is also accessible with this type of technology. Everyone now owns a tablets or smart phone, so being able to viewed by smart phones and tablets also opens up your business  to greater visibility.

So there you have it Ecarib users the Social Trends of 2013 to look out for. To read more of  this very interesting and stimulating article visit: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2013/01/03/6-social-media-trends-you-should-not-ignore-in-2013/

Until next time Ecarib users!!!

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