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Manager of Finance ESSCO
Manager of Finance ESSCO

Position: Manager, Finance & Administration Company: ESSCO Email: hr@electricsales.com Deadline: March 9th 2018


Vacancy: Shipping Sales Executive Email: applications@foster-ince.com Company: Cargo Solutions International Deadline: Feb 28th 2018

2010 Ford Ranger
2010 Ford Ranger


2010 Ford ranger Bridgetown, Barbados $34,000 34.000$bds 2010 Ford ranger price is slightly negotiable no major issues 6964432 or inbox for more info

2000 toyota
2000 toyota


2000 Toyota Altezza Barbados, Caribbean $13,800 Priced For Quick Sale $13 800BDS OBO 2000cc Lexus In great condition, No Damages on the body of the […]

2011 Nissan Tiida bim
2011 Nissan Tiida bim


For sale Make Nissan Model Tiida Year 2011 Cc 1500 Mileage 63000 km Transmission automatic Condition very good Fully loaded a/c keyless entry power mirrors […]

1996 Mitsubishi Pajero bim
1996 Mitsubishi Pajero bim


One 1996 mitsubishi pojero for sale In reasonably condition going at 9000 Ono contact Raymond at 2302315 or 2670986 for more information

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How to Effectively Use QR Codes for Your Small Business

Welcome January 5, 2013

Happy New Year Ecarib users!! Our first blog for the New Year looks at something called “Quick Response Codes” or  more popularly known as QR codes. You have probably seen these funny looking squares or blocks on billboards, posters, signs and in stores. But what are they and how can they benefit your small business?

Example of QR Code

QR codes are two dimensional codes which contain information that can be read by a QR code reader. Everyone has a smart phone these days and QR readers can be easily downloaded to your iPhone or Android device. So what does this have to do with small businesses?

QR codes can be an effective marketing tool for small businesses and could bring potential customers to your business through interactive content such as videos and social media sites by scanning the bar code with the device’s camera. Not only is this a low cost and highly interactive way to reach customers, but this also allows small businesses to actively engage with customers and build a unique  relationship with them. So where do we get started and how we  use QR codes effectively?

Small business owners can actually use free or paid websites like QReate and others to create their own QR codes, however it is important that useful information and unique content such as special offers and discounts are placed in the codes to encourage consumers to download them.

Also, remember QR code scanning is still a novelty and may never be a mainstream consumer activity so you will have to decide whether it is right for your business. Here are some tips for effectively using QR codes:

  • Make sure that your website is mobile optimized or mobile friendly and not flashed based so mobile customers can easily navigate the site
  • Provide useful content on the QR code and make it worthwhile for consumers to download for e.g. coupons, discounts, promotional events etc.
  • Make sure that the code is not too small so that it is able to be scanned properly
  • Place all your company info on a QR code on your business card so that potential customers can easily download information about your business
  • Also consider printing a URL or small caption of what the QR code is and does near the code to be scanned. Reason for this is that on its own, many people may not know what this code is so providing a brief explanation would be very useful.
  • Add your logo to your QR code. If possible, you can add your company logo in the  QR code, just make sure to test scan the code before use to ensure that it works

So there you have it Ecarib users a little insight into Quick Response Codes and how they can benefit small businesses.

Until next time Ecarib users!!!

Introducing Tech Basement!!

Highlight of the Week December 23, 2012

Seasons Greetings Ecarib users!!! We bring to you another “Highlight of the Week” from the Twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Today we introduce to you “Tech Basement” and learn more about it’s owner Mr. Tennyson Harrigan.

Tennyson Harrigan, Owner Tech Basement

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m originally from St. Lucia. I enjoy learning about sport cars, athletics and weight training.

How did you get started in your business?

I started the business out of necessity. I was a student at the University of the West Indies (UWI) who suddenly needed to meet his living expenses and the cost of attending school in a foreign country all on my own. I also enjoyed assisting the students of Milner Hall with their various computer related issues, whom would otherwise not have a place to go to get those problems resolved.

What services do you offer?

At the moment we offer laptop and blackberry maintenance, troubleshooting and repair services to compliment the products that we sell on campus. However there are intentions to expand into digital signage and website design.

 Is there any advice you would give to young entrepreneurs?

Once you have a vision, see it through to the end. Give it your absolute best and don’t bail out when things look grim. Don’t entertain the naysayers and remain focused! Utilize proper financial practices and record keeping from the very onset. Meet people. Befriend your customers and treat them with dignity and respect. Be patient and the rewards of your labours will eventually become evident.


Thanks Tennyson for that sound advice for our young entrepreneurs. For more information on Tech Basement and Products visit:  http://ecaribclassifieds.com/author/tech-basement/


Until next time Ecarib users!!!!

Career vs. Job: Following your true passion

Highlight of the Week November 30, 2012

Hello Ecarib users!! We bring to you another “Highlight of the Week“. Today we introduce to you Swami Garage owned and operated by Mr. Shomar Wint.

Shomar Wint, CEO Swami Garage

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a City & Guilds certified Automotive Technician who has been in the field for over a decade. I also have a background in computer programming. I have always had a lifelong passion to learn about the inner workings of things and how they fit together and with my training, it propelled me towards my current career in the automotive industry.

How did you get started in your business?

Starting and running a successful business has always been one of my goals in life.   Technology changes continually thus, there has been an integration of the use of  computers in automobiles. I started my business in 2006 due to the increasing demand for my unique skills in computer programming and troubleshooting.

What services do you offer?

We are a full service garage. We offer services  such as  basic oil change, brakes, suspension , A/c, mechanical and electrical  diagnostics, engine and transmission rebuilds and many other services including performance modifications for all makes of personal vehicles and motorcycles. We are always ready to assist our customers!

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

Being a young entrepreneur is really tough, and presents many challenges. Never let fear cripple your chances of building a successful business. If you are passionate about something keep pushing towards your goals. Hard work and a positive attitude always pay off in the end.

Thanks Shomar!!! For more information on Swami Garage  visit :



Until next time Ecarib users!!!!




A How-To-Guide for effectively using Social Media to Promote Your Small Business

Welcome November 27, 2012

Hello Ecarib users!! Today’s blog provides a step-by-step guide on how small businesses can achieve potential social media success.

Today more and more small businesses are turning to social media to promote their business, gain visibility and connect with new customers. Most small businesses are using social media for the following reasons:

  • It’s inexpensive
  • It’s easy and simple to use
  • Their customers are on social media sites
  • It doesn’t take long

Whether you like it or not all your potential customers are on social networks and they are following and tweeting about their favourite brands and companies. Therefore there is no doubt that social media has become a powerful marketing tool for small businesses that lack advertising dollars.

Step 1: Devise a strategy that will help get you noticed.

First you must decide on a social media site that would make the most sense for your business. Most persons use Facebook and Twitter, but there are others such as Google+ and Linkedin that are also very effective. When the right social network is chosen, use it to publicize offers or run deals. The combination of word-of-mouth along with your social network will help get your small business the recognition it needs and drive traffic to your website and store.

Step 2: Run a creative campaign to share promotions through your social network

  • Try to encourage people to like your page or share content on your page thus creating buzz for the campaign
  • Have special offers and discounts to generate more traffic on your on your social media site

Step 3: Build up your Fans Followers

  • Encourage everyone to Like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter
  • Be willing to invest the time and money it takes to respond to your online followers
  • Customers want to know that someone is listening, so responding to your customers in a timely manner will help you gain points for customer service

Step 4: Manage your content

  • Be wary of what you broadcast on your social network. Don’t just broadcast anything! If you want build a good following create quality content that would intrigue your followers
  • Allow people to share sponsored stories on your social pages. Offering discounts and special offers are great for getting customers to your site but also encourage conversation among your customers

Step 5: Don’t duplicate your content

  • Posting the same ole thing from your Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+ will not help you gain followers instead it may cause you to lose them
  • Tailor your content to suit your social network and research the audience you are catering to. Also incorporate photos and rich media content to  tell your story

So there you have it folks a brief step-by-step guide on how to ensure social media success in your small business. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and share with us on Google+.

So until next Ecarib users!!!!!


Behold the Power of Online Classified Ads!!!!

Welcome November 20, 2012

Hello once again Ecarib users!!! Today’s long awaited blog takes a look at the benefits of Online Classified Ads.

We all know that advertising comes in many forms, whether it’s on television, radio or in print media. But could you imagine the wide array of benefits that can be derived from placing your ad online!  In today’s blog we will discuss some of the benefits of online classified ads.

The impact that an online classified ad can have on a company or small business is limitless. If you doubt me take a look at those thriving companies around the globe. Potential customers from all over the globe are able to view  your online  ad thanks to a little invention known as the internet.  Advertisements on radio and TV are usually very expensive and the chances of getting noticed by consumers are not always high.  But through the internet , online classified ads are made accessible to millions of users, thus a higher possibility of your product finding its way to more potential buyers.

So what benefits lie beneath the lure of the online classified ad? Well here are just a few…

Online classifieds ads are usually inexpensive or free.  Most websites charge a small fee to private individuals and companies to post their ads. The great thing about ecaribclassifieds.com is that you can post for your ads completely FREE! It’s quick and painless to register and you’re guaranteed exposure to thousands of internet users. Compared to print media such as newspapers and magazines, online classified ads help businesses save thousands of dollars in advertising. This is very important for small businesses especially where their advertising budget is almost non-existent.

Online classified ads are there for everyone and seen by everyone.  Online classified ads are not limited to a particular group of people or target market. Companies and small businesses, in particular are able to reach more customers by placing their ads online.

More people are using the internet.  Today more people are surfing the internet than reading  newspapers and other print media. Print publications  only cater to a small cross section of people and appeal mainly to adults. The internet, on the other can be accessed by anyone that can operate a computer. Nowadays connecting to the internet is fast and easy and people instinctively turn to the worldwide web for information,  for answers to their questions, the right products to buy, etc. So by posting an advertisement through an online classified ad, there is a better chance of it being viewed by your target audience and more.

So there you have it folks some of the great benefits of posting online classified ads. Also an even greater advantage is that when you post your ads on ecaribclassifieds.com you are guaranteed maximum visibility of your advertisement at no cost and reach thousands of customers. So with all these benefits and more, what are you waiting for? Get online and start posting today!!

Until next time Ecarib users!!

Introducing Valuable Embroidery & Digitizing Inc.!!

Highlight of the Week November 11, 2012

Hello ECarib users!!! Welcome to our very first “Highlight of the Week“. Today it’s our pleasure to introduce to you the company Valuable Embroidery & Digitizing Inc. ECarib had a little chat with Managing Director, Angela Winter-Jones about her company.

Angela Winter-Jones, Managing Director

Tell us a little about yourself?

I have been sewing as a hobby for over 25 years embroidering business apparel for family, friends and myself on a non-commercial basis.  I took my first digital image preparation workshop at the Creative Festival held at the Toronto Convention Centre in Canada.   In 2005, I completed the course in embroidery production, commercial embroidery machine operation and maintenance in St. Petersburg, USA.

Also, my management experience comes from holding Directorships and Managing Captives and Rent-a-Captive Insurance Companies in the offshore industry. I am also a FCGA; which is a  financial accounting designation.

How did you get started in your business?

It was time for a change, and what better way than to start a business doing what you love.  I love art and this comes to life when I digitize the artwork for my customers.  I also received great encouragement and assistance from my brother, George Winter who has been in the graphic art industry for over 40 years.  Once the decision was made to start the business, I then developed my ideas using a Business Plan and submitted the necessary information and documents to the relevant authorities and the rest is history.  The company was incorporated on August 23rd, 2006.

What services do you offer?

We are “Your #1 Full Service Embroidery Company”. Our Services include but are not limited to: Embroidery, Monograms etc., Digitizing, Logo design, Heat Press transfer and Screen printing. We always try to assist our customers in any way legally possible.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and workmanship, meeting the agreed delivery dates, and executing the work exactly as agreed.  We have no minimum!  In addition to the normal fabric and the different mediums used for embroidery  we can also produce custom work on unusual materials, for e.g. balsa wood.

Contact us for a free quotation.

Thanks Angela!! For more information on Valuable Embroidery & Digitizing Inc. email her at VAembroidery@gmail.com OR call at 230-0253/435-1228.

Click here to see Valuable Embroidery & Digitizing Inc.’s profile: http://ecaribclassifieds.com/ads/valuable-embroidery/

Managering Director

Until next time ECarib users!!!

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